Randy the Manatee likes to visit the Lighthouse Marina, across the harbor from Hope Town.


This time, we found him covered in red.  It’s paint, bottom paint from the bottom of some boat.  Randy likes to munch off the green stuff that grows on the bottoms of our boats as they sit here in the harbor.  Including our dinghy.   He spotted it tied to the dock and started making his way towards it.


He’s especially happy to get up close and personal.


Hugging its familiar gray, soft, rubbery sides with his flippers.


That’s his mouth.  Pucker up???


Nothing like a friendly hug from a manatee.

4 thoughts on “Manatee

  1. Oh how I love manatees!!!! Can’t stand how sweet they are with their rubbery faces and stiff whiskers! Thanks so much Nancy, hope we will be there soon! JoAnn

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