Weather – we’ve had lots of it.   Pouring rain.  Giant drops, coming down hard.


Wind.  Driving the rain.   The lighthouse almost obscured.  We were at the Edge restaurant, on the harbor in Hope Town, for lunch and had to ride back to the boat in our dinghy.  I love my new foul weather jacket – Henri Lloyd.


And then a double rainbow over the lower public dock, just at dusk.


Followed by this gorgeous sunset:


One more day of rain and finally a perfect day for a beach walk.  Southbound, on the ocean side.


So thankful to be in this stunning place.


Update on the BOBO, beached boat.


Sand is building up on the high side and washing away from the ocean side.  It will be salvaged, every possible part sold to pay for a back hoe to crush the hull and carry the debris away.  Unfortunately, there has already been some looting.  Sad.

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