New Year’s Eve and it’s perfect weather for a walk on the beach. 


The wind has been almost non-existent for two weeks and the modest waves seem like theater props, designed to enhance the beauty of the water.


At midnight, fireworks start, rising over the harbor and lighting the air with their brilliant colors and the harbor with their reflections.


On New Year’s Day, we have a dinghy drift just before sunset.


Twenty-three dinghies tie themselves together to let the breeze carry them through the moored boats in the harbor.  While they pass plates and bowls and platters of cheese and crackers, artichoke pesto on toast points, grilled shrimp, warm brie with a luscious topping, olives, popcorn, various dips, and other delicious finger food.  Meeting new friends, chatting with old friends, imbibing, laughing, enjoying the beautiful evening. 

We watch the full moon rise over Elbow Cay. 


While the lighthouse turns on its powerful beam.


So peaceful.  So deceiving.  “I see the bad moon rising; I see trouble on the way” is more like it.  Winds to 30 mph with higher gusts, driving rain and cool temps (highs in the low 60s and lows into the 50’s) are predicted to start early tomorrow and continue for several days.   Rock ‘n roll.  We have stocked up on food, water, beverages and clean laundry.  At least winds of 50-60 mph are no longer in the forecast.  Whew!

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