The magic of Hope Town.  We spend a day relaxing, greeting friends, visiting favorite places, and walking the beach.  The sound of the surf and the brilliant colors of the tropics wash over us, delight us, and restore our souls.

Saturday was Derby Day – the 19th annual. 


Cars of various shapes and colors are guided down Big Hill by drivers of all ages, who compete for bragging rights.  


The whole community turns out to support Derby Day.  You can buy swizzles, beer, popcorn, ice cones, hamburgers, hot dogs and more. 


An air horn blast starts each race.  Wooden chocks are pulled from the front wheels. 


Then drivers physically pump their cars to move them forward — until the hill takes over.


Two cars at a time race down Big Hill (effectively closing the paved road that joins north and south Elbow Cay). 


Elimination trials produce the winners – one for the juniors and one for the adults.  A fun day for all.

We leave and walk to On da Beach, our favorite beach bar . . .


for fish sticks and mac ‘n cheese. 


Then we walk a mile up the beach, back in the settlement.


The soft sound of the surf soothes the worries and anxieties that have plagued us all summer.


Arriving just in time for a get together at the Hope Town Sailing Club, we are greeted by friends we have not seen for months.  The welcoming community that is Hope Town envelopes us. 

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