Motu Iti was hauled Wednesday.   We leave her in the Bahamas for the summer so we don’t have to spend the time taking her back and forth from Annapolis.

In the morning, we tied to the dock at Abaco Yacht Services so we could take off her sails and fold them up on the dock.  They’re in the red bags on deck and will be stored below.   Here’s a naked boat:


No sails, no boom.  Next, she was guided into the service well by the careful folks at Abaco Yacht Services – lots of boat hooks.


She was positioned over the straps, they were tightened, and up she went:   https://youtu.be/Bl_MxGaxDm4

Abaco Yacht Services in Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay, does a great job – the yard is safe and secure and they take good care of our boat.

What a pretty boat!  We painted her bottom last April and it still looks great.  Just a bit of scum at the water line.


We found barnacles attached to the zinc (it’s a sacrificial metal cap that protects the bronze propeller) on the propeller, but none on her bottom.


She had a short trip in the travel lift across the boatyard.


To her summer storage spot.


Where she was readied for the next hurricane season:


Stanchions chained together underneath the boat; a wooden cradle, and nylon straps fore and aft that are winched tight onto rings set into concrete in the ground.  Safe!   See the ladder?   That’s how we get on the boat now.   Next – lots of cleaning. 

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