Controversy on Elbow Cay, of an environmental nature.  An unknown couple from Florida purchased a large lot north of the settlement of Hope Town that runs from dunes on the ocean side, across the cay, to the Sea of Abaco side, intersected by a dirt road – the only road northbound.  Originally dense foliage and jungle-like —


It’s recently been clear-cut.  The architect reportedly likes to work on a tabula rasa.  The dune is now bare – much blowing of sand during recent high winds – and almost every scrap of greenery has been removed. 


Last Saturday, returning from our beach walk, we discovered that a green, tarped cyclone fence had been built on either side of the dirt road, effectively blocking the ravaged landscape from view.   Saturday night, these words were added:



It says:  “Let no one say, and say it to your shame, that all was beauty here before you came.”

The other side of the fence now says:


“This is a crime against nature and the Bahamas.” 

The source of the “shame” quote was the subject of a New Yorker essay in 2014, which concluded that the author is unknown.  It is generally believed to be a chastisement by English villagers in the early 20th century of city dwellers whose week-end motor car excursions littered the countryside.   The quote appeared on the silver screen in a 1940’s horror film.

Not everyone shares the sentiments now adorning the long green monstrosity, resulting in animated discussions throughout the settlement.   You?

One thought on “Protest in Paradise

  1. My first gut feeling is this is aweful…but then my experience kicks in and says….you can’t pass judgement dan until you have all the facts….what if the architect that likes to start with a clean slate and the owner with the money have plans to fit a structure into a totally restored landscape. So if I were living in this parish I’d be asking questions and powering up with knowledge first.

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