Fifteen of us helped get Rage ready for HopeTown Sailing Club’s race day.  She’s a 28’ Class A traditional Bahamian racing sloop, built nearby at Man O’ War Cay.  [Here is a file picture.]


Take off the sail cover, hank on the jib, tie on the jib sheets, and load the beer.  With strong winds from the SW, we sailed out of the harbor on the jib.  Once we reached the Parrots, we raised the mainsail.


With a double reef.  Rarely does Rage sail with a double reef, but the winds were now 20 knots and gusting higher.  Spray over the bow.  Lots of water.


We crawled out on the pries and flew over and into the waves.  Lots of white caps, with 2-3 foot swells and chop on top.


A huge adrenaline rush – so high and fast over the water at the end of the prie.   And soaking wet as the waves splashed up, blooshed over, and hit us hard. 


We’d only been out about 40 minutes when the race committee called the race.  There was only one other boat out and the wind was climbing.  We dropped the main and headed back into the harbor.   And to Cap’n Jack’s for mimosas and Sands beer.  I’d been worried about the wind, but it was sooooo much fun.  Can’t wait to go out again.

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