Ready to go snorkeling?  The Bahamas has the third most extensive coral reef system in the world.  Here in the northern Bahamas, the Sandy Cays, a Bahamian Government Preserve, is a favorite.  It’s located near the south end of the Sea of Abaco, but is often hard to snorkel because it’s open to strong ocean surge.   A day with wind from the south is perfect.  We’re going on the Froggies’ boat, from a dive shop in HopeTown, to get us there and back in one long day.

Lots of coral.


The Sandies are known for their Elkhorn coral:


Tiny neon blue fish.


Parrot fish:


Blue parrotfish:


Yellowfin goatfish:




And fans:


Then it’s off to Little Harbor at the bottom of the Sea of Abaco.    A beautiful little spot, where we often see turtles at the harbor entrance.


We enjoy a fruity rum Blaster and a grouper sandwich with corn n’ rice and pineapple/walnut coleslaw.  Yum, yum.  What an iconic beach bar.


Time to head back.  Oh, no, someone lost their red ball cap.  But the Froggie’s boat turns around to retrieve it.



One more stop.  We anchor on Tilloo Bank for a late afternoon swim.  Some folks snorkel for sand dollars and sea biscuits – so fragile they break when you pick them up.   Apply a coating of PVC cement to ensure that they will last.

Soon we are back in HopeTown – there’s Motu Iti on her mooring


A beautiful day.  Feeling sun-kissed and relaxed.

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