Another beautiful day on the beach – the Atlantic side of Elbow Cay.


Why is it so deserted?  Just saying – not complaining.  It’s low tide – time to find some sea creatures over on the Sea of Abaco side.  Here’s a sea star.


And a sea cucumber.


There are many species of this ancient ocean dweller, most shaped like, well, a cucumber.

And colorful conchs.  Their shells are often collected by tourists.  FYI, some of the airlines serving the islands won’t allow them in carry-ons.  Dangerous?


Here’s the animal that lives inside the conch, peering out.


And finally partially exiting, using its claw to try to turn itself over to regain its comfortable bed in the sand.


We walk back on the road, on the Sea of Abaco side.  It’s almost twilight, the sun low behind the lighthouse.


One of the Bahamians here, descendant of an early settler from the colonies, said he could never live where he couldn’t see water; that it would be disorienting.

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