The boat is carefully packed away for the summer.


She will be safe here at the Abaco Yacht Services’ yard in Green Turtle Cay; we hope the hurricanes stay away.  We had our hands full getting the dinghy put away, cleaning and cleaning every surface and cubby, and securing anything left on deck.  And – we painted the bottom.  Saved the $600 the yard wanted to do it.  She looks terrific.


Plus, I am finally coloring my hair.


BLUE!!!!  OMG, not just blue, it was like glue.  Bottom paint – took a while to get it out. 

Here’s an alternative to our boring  blue bottom paint.


By a woman from Nova Scotia who collected left over bottom paint and let everyone in the boat yard in Florida be an artist.  Creative.

All of our boat work was made easier by the fact that we splurged – something we have not done before – we rented a first floor apartment just a short walk from the boat yard.


And only a few steps from the beach.  See the outer fringe of white the horizon?  That’s the barrier reef.  Lots of wind from the northeast this week, so lots of white water on the reef.


Our rental is spacious and inviting.  We have hot water showers and laundry and a real refrigerator.  After working all day on the boat, we can return here to relax, shower, have dinner and watch a movie.


On our last day, we went out to dinner at Lizard’s Bar and Grill at Leeward Marina.   And watched the sunset.


One more load of laundry and we’re finally ready.  All packed, with our list of what to bring down next fall.  We’ll be on the 12:15 pm ferry to the “mainland” and then a taxi to the Treasure Cay airport.  A short hop to Ft. Lauderdale and a late flight into Baltimore.  Then, home. 

Safe travels.  You’re all invited to visit next year.

3 thoughts on “Good-bye Motu Iti

  1. Back to the real world! Let me be the first to say welcome home! Thanks for the invitation also, it would be awesome to visit.

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