Motu Iti moved into the service well of Abaco Yacht Services before 8 am on Friday morning.  Ready to be hauled out for the summer.


We’d spent the prior day tied to AYS’s dock so we could remove and fold the sails.  All bagged now and ready to be stowed.  Here she is “sail-less.”


The crew at AYS is well-experienced and careful, working together as a team.


It was an easy haulout.  No stress.  Just how we like it.


Motu Iti’s bottom got a good cleaning.


Soon she was on the hard, with stanchions, a wooden cradle,


and STRAPS.  Very secure.


There’s more packing, stowing and laundering to do, but the difficult part is over.  For now, we’re climbing a ladder to get on our boat.  Living on the hard.

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