A perfect day for visiting the beach at low tide.  Last night, the winds gusted to 30 mph from the east and maintained a steady 15 – 20 all day.  So this beach on the Sea of Abaco was in the lee – well sheltered from the wind. 


On our walk to the beach, we found this lizard sunning himself.


Here’s a sand dollar, just below the sand, with only its silhouette visible.


Here it is without its sandy camouflage. 


This is a sea biscuit.


Alive, they are brown and furry and protected by sea grass, like this:


We found a lot of baby conch.  Here’s a brilliantly colored shell:


Here’s the conch that lives inside. 


This might be a sea slug.


We also found a wallet – water logged and filled with sand – and the ID and credit card of a young man who lives not far from where I grew up in Michigan.   It will be returned to him – we have his address.  And we’ll announce it on the morning net.

A fun day doing what we love – in a place we love.


2 thoughts on “Sea Life

  1. It’s like taking me along on your walk along the beech. A refreshing break and educational stroll among the beautiful sands and aqua colored warm waters of the Bahamas’

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