The boat is getting too small; it’s squally and windy; we miss our family and friends; we’re talking about going home a bit early.  And then we find the magic again.


This time as we relax for an evening meal in the cockpit of our boat – our favorite, a mix of chips, cheeses, beans and avocado.  The avocadoes are perfect.  The weather is perfect.

No defining event changed our moods.  Just the everyday.  The sights and sounds of the harbor – busy during these weeks of spring breaks.  Chartered catamarans trying to find a mooring, rental skiffs going too fast, cigarette boats and mega-yachts.   The freight boat can’t keep up with demand; the ferries are overloaded. 


And we are on our boat on the best mooring in the harbor.


Sea life is all around us:  Nancy is making dinner when she sees a huge black skate (like a ray) bursting straight up from the water near the boat; Goldwin dinghies over to what he thinks is a floating beer can that turns out to be a turtle coming up for air.

And today was race day – the energizing excitement of racing on Rage is still with us.  And the beauty of a day spent on the gorgeous blue/green waters of the Sea of Abaco.


We watch as the light comes to life and begins to once again sweep the harbor.


A special place! 

2 thoughts on “Magic

  1. You paint pictures and inspire thought with your words. I really enjoy your commentary, it’s cold here today and your sharing brings sunshine and warmth to a slow to arrive spring in Michigan.👍

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