What to do today?  The race was cancelled due to NO wind.  How about a walk to the north end of Elbow Cay?  To places we’ve never been.   Soon we found this gorgeous beach, on the Sea of Abaco side.  Locally called the children’s beach – it’s shallow and calm.


So we walked the beach, admiring the local sea life.  Here’s a live sea biscuit – the not-alive ones are white.


This conch was so coated with sand, we almost missed him.


He was too shy to come out of his shell.


This crab was hiding.


But when we put him on the bottom of Goldwin’s flip-flop, he couldn’t wait to crawl off.


We found stunning flowers.



And lots of lush foliage.   Here’ a creative fence made from shrubs.


How about some fresh oranges? 


Want to grow your own coconut palm?  Easy peasy.


Not sure what this is supposed to signify – at a “Y” in the road.


Soon we had circumnavigated the north end of Elbow Cay and were back on the ocean side, near the settlement of Hopetown.  Lots of surf pounding onto the shore.  And the long beautiful beach we love.P2174777

Such a perfect way to spend a tranquil day.

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