Tahiti is at the bottom of Elbow Cay.  Visit at low tide, when the sand bar bares and you can walk forever into the Sea of Abaco.   


Tahiti Beach is separated by a wall of coral from Tilloo cut, a narrow passage from the ocean into the Sea of Abaco.  Right before our visit, the cut was in near rage conditions.  See the waves coming in?


And breaking over the coral wall?  Wow.


Here’s a sea biscuit.   It’s brown and fuzzy, and not white and smooth – means it’s alive.


This beautiful shell is called  “sunrise tellin.”


Here’s a little conch in his shell – you can see the eyes peering out.


This is what his whole shell looks like:


But the shell is upside down; when we turned it over for him, he slowly crawled away.  Lots of interesting sea grasses – broken off and driven in by powerful waves.


As always, Tahiti Beach is beautiful.


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