It’s another tequila sunrise (I always liked that lyric).  At least this is what I’ve always imagined a tequila sunrise might look like.


We’re headed east, looking across the harbor at the new sun and that’s Motu Iti’s roller furler and bow pulpit in the foreground, on the left.

Here is what the full moon was doing at sunrise – setting behind the lighthouse.


After coffee and tea, we headed for the beach.  (Doesn’t this look like a painting?)


To walk to our favorite beach restaurant – On Da Beach – for chicken souse.  Yum.

On the way, we had to clear a coral outcropping – scampering around when the waves cleared.


So we wouldn’t get blooshed.


But easier than at high tide, when we have to climb over the coral to avoid the waves crashing into the rock wall. 

We had the beach to ourselves for most of the mile walk (each way).


Love the sound of the surf.  It’s been blowing from the ESE/E/ENE for over a week – lots of surf.  So glad we’re here and not in Florida waiting, waiting, waiting, for better weather so we can come here.

We walked barefoot through the settlement, back to the dinghy, admiring the beautiful flowers.


Back on our boat, we were entertained by a beautiful traditional Bahamian cruising sloop, about 30 feet long, sailing into the harbor.


And then sailing through the fleet – some great boat handling.  In the lower right of the picture, you can see Goldwin, admiring this gorgeous boat.


We spent the late afternoon on boat projects, trying to get on the internet (a frustrating task), and reading.  Then one of our favorite meals – what we call “Mexican” – a mix of chips, cheese, beans, onions, red pepper, spices and avocado, followed by generous slices of Vernon’s rum cake.   A large day.


3 thoughts on “A Walk on the Beach

  1. What beautiful pictures! can’t wait to see for ourselves. The sand and water are so enticing. Glad you are there to enjoy it instead of being in FL which is not having good weather I guess.

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