It’s been blustery here – chilly weather from the eastern US has found its way to the Bahamas.  But the oceanside beach is perfect in a strong west wind.


This coral outcropping at East End is a picturesque perch.


We ended the day on Thursday at the Songwriters’ Festival, hosted by the Hopetown Inn and Marina – an outdoor event made warm by a bonfire and lots of good company and great music.


As reported by the Bahamas Weekly, songwriters performing included “The Highway” artist JT Hodges, Mark Bryan of Hootie & The Blowfish, James Otto, Django Walker, James Slater, Randy Montana, Tyler Reeve, Johnny Bulford, Jesse Rice – who penned “Cruise” for duo Florida Georgia Line, Corey Crowder, American Idol’s Janell Wheeler, Wayne Munn, Bryson Jennings and festival host, Patrick Davis.

February’s new moon – a supermoon – is enhancing the tides.  This afternoon at low tide, a land bridge was created along the northeast side of the harbor entrance – which happens to be right in front of our rental.  That house you see is normally on an island – reached only by boat. 


So we took a walk,


and toured the new-found flats:


We found this big-eyed wading bird looking for food – not happy to be interrupted by my picture-taking.


And we watched the ferry arrive.


Later, we grilled fresh snapper and made a brownie cake with marshmallow topping for a late celebration of our son-in-law’s January birthday.  Yum.

And did I mention the sunset?  Even on a cloudy day . . . .



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