We did NOT take the weather window.  We are back in the Vero Beach City Marina and NOT in the Bahamas.  Do we regret our decision?  Of course.  But it was the right decision for us when we made it.

Goldwin was particularly concerned about the short window – everything had to go perfectly, plus we had to leave a few hours earlier than recommended (would still be rough in the Stream after 3 days of 25-30 from the north).  I was worried that we would be stuck somewhere along the way – safe, likely, but with no way to get to Hopetown to join our daughter and son-in-law.  Schedules!!!

In retrospect, we probably would have had a great crossing and arrived tired – and very self-satisfied.  But we didn’t.  So we are here feeling very NON-self-satisfied.  But at least we have back-up plans for visiting the kids in Hopetown.  More expensive, but more predictable.

Here is some very good advice from a friend has more crossing experience:  always stage ahead of time at the departure point because the weather prediction is likely to change – maybe for the better.  If it seems like a very close decision – leave; you can always turn back.  Our decision was made prematurely because I was watching airfares to the Bahamas spike and even disappear – Bahamasair was sold out.  And we didn’t want to lose out on both Plan A and Plan B.

Meanwhile, we are here in Vero Beach, in a lovely spot at the end of the mooring field.  [Goldwin is checking the reefing lines.]


Where dolphins feed in the morning.


And we have a view of the sunsets.


And we are looking forward to time with our daughter and the son-in-law in Hopetown, albeit (sadly) sans Motu Iti.

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