We are still in Florida.  We declined the weather window – too short, in our opinion, to arrive at a place to safely ride out winds gusting to 32 mph.   Might be another week or more – we’ll try to be patient.  Meanwhile, we are having a forced attitude adjustment.  Although we are very focused on getting to the Bahamas, the time has come to relax and enjoy where we are.

P1210231We worked really hard to get the boat to Florida, ready to launch, in the water, and down the Waterway so we could cross to the Bahamas.  We ran all the errands and completed all the necessary preparations.  We were on a mission – not really enjoying the trip.  Plus we had cold weather and were both sick – with colds. 

Now, we have to relax.  And we are.  Enjoying this time of freedom from constraints – no demands.  We have already been reading books like mad.   But now we are taking walks, finding beach bars, exploring in the dinghy, taking pictures, and even browsing the shops (just a hardware store and a dog store).  Both of us have started projects.  Finally taking a break to enjoy sunny (yeah!!) Florida. 

It’s a place of beautiful landscaping – albeit a bit overly manicured for our taste.


And gorgeous sunsets.


When we arrived at the dinghy dock this morning, we found this heron, having crab for breakfast.


Here’s a pelican who prefers to beg for scraps from a fisherman – easier than diving for his dinner, I guess.


Lots of beach bars to discover and enjoy.


I had fish tacos and Goldwin had a fish sandwich.  The big screen TVs had sports or weather.  We opted for weather – now we think Vero Beach is looking REALLY good.

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