Look at this gorgeous little conch shell we found in the water at Tahiti Beach.  I LOVE this shell.  I wanted to add it to my collection, but there was a problem —


Unfortunately, it was already taken.  Its hermit crab inhabitant was really quite rude – refused to even consider moving out.  Here he is escaping along the beach – not that I hounded him – and he insisted on taking this beautiful shell with him.

This baby conch was very strong and very pushy.  At least, I think it’s some kind of conch.


It tried mightily to force our fingers off its shell by prying at them with its little finger nail-like paddle.  It was successful enough that we had to learn how to hold it more carefully.

We also found this sand dollar:


This very hairy, very brown sea biscuit:


And this little starfish:


Making friends with the local sea life  – a fun way to spend the day on a gorgeous beach.


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