Last Friday we went north to Great Guana Cay and climbed the hill to Nipper’s for the Barefoot Man concert. 


Barefoot Man is the Jimmy Buffett of the Abacos – well, kinda sorta — he sings about having fun in the Abacos.  Classics like “When They Cut You Off at Nipper’s,” “She Loves My Deck,” and “Kiss My Glass.   Songs I’m certain you’ve all heard and love.  Or maybe not.  Check him out at:  http://www.nippersbar.com/barefootman.html 


And the venue – wow!  Nipper’s is an event in and of itself – the ultimate beach bar.  Three decks plus a bar and kitchen, plus a pool or two…   Plus it’s on a cliff right next to a stunning beach on the Atlantic Ocean.


Add Barefoot Man and hundreds come to dance, sing along, and have fun.  The place was packed.


There was barely room to get the beer to the bar.


We arrived two hours before the concert and got the last two stools, along the rail that separates Nipper’s from the beach.  It was actually a great spot.  We were mostly shielded (by plastic sheeting) from the chilly breeze off the ocean, very close to the bar, and right next to the tables the young (and some older) folks danced on. 


Everybody danced:


Sometimes we were just in the moment and had to join in the experience.


Sometimes we were dancing with a friend.


We had fun.


The very next day we went to the Hummingbird Art Centre for chamber music  – the viola da gamba and harpsicord – masterfully played by internationally renown musicians.  Very special – very different – no one danced on a table. 

7 thoughts on “Barefoot Man

  1. what a beautiful photo of you two! Looks like lots of fun. I think I’ve heard that song “when they cut you off at nipper’s” – wondering if you have experienced larger crowds due to spring break time? Looks like you are really enjoying retirement 🙂 so happy for you!

  2. Nancy, do you have any idea how many of us are living vicariously through you and your great adventure? Now, to tell the truth, I am sitting at my desk in Maine, looking at our perfect harbor, but it doesn’t seem quite the same. When you return, I plan to sit at your feet and absorb the wisdom and guts I need to do this. Allison xo

  3. Wonderful, wonderful!! At least on my run this morning, looking at the mountains all around, it was a warm 60 degrees, climbing to 70+ today. Spring in the Rockies! But I would come in a minute to sit on that beach, hear the waves, listen to music and dance with you!

  4. Love Nippers! Never got the chance to see a Barefoot Man concert there though. Sunday pig roast is very yummy as well as their frozen nipper!

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