Probably our favorite image of the ICW is the sight of our own sails unfurled and filled – with just this little headsail, we had a lovely ride up the South Edisto River in SC.  Nice to turn off the motor.


Mostly we watch the local landscape go by.  In South Carolina, Georgia and northern Florida, that’s miles of grasses, with occasional clumps of trees.


Sometimes the trees are floating down the waterway.


Here’s a really tiny little ferry boat to take cars and people across about 50 yards of water.


Watermen are always out early and always working hard.



This is historic Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor  – a picture I took in honor of a friend who bravely visited Charleston under much less pleasant circumstances.


A lot of bridges here have this sort of sign; they remind us how weather can go terribly bad.  Lucky for us Rafael took a sharp right turn to the northeast and Sandy stayed offshore until she got further north.


Every so often, we see a dock or bridge lined with birds.  Now, why have they chosen this particular one?


Sometimes there are reminders of the lifestyle we purposely left behind.  Yikes, it almost looks like the mixing bowl in northern VA.


These gondolas take golfers from one part of the course to another, across the ICW.


If you guessed Myrtle Beach, you’re right.

And here is something we see ALL the time – our own wake.


It’s not fast and furious, but it sure is nice.  Safe travels.

P.S.  You can tell some of these are archived pictures because the sky is blue.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll see that golden orb that is now just a dim memory

P.P.S.  We’re tied to a dock in St. Augustine and the wind is howling, with whitecaps in the harbor.  This is what the wind did to an otherwise perky Holiday Moose in a nearby park.:  Looks sort of painful, but he’s still grinning..


4 thoughts on “Images of the ICW

  1. Your posts make my day! Glad to see you living the dream, thanks for sharing for those that aren’t living it yet but working towards it!

  2. Have seen a couple of pictures on the news lately that didn’t show FL sunshine down there! Was wondering if you were seeing any. Sadly for you, looks like no. One of these days tho, you will post some gorgeous sandy beach, blue water, sunshine pictures while I will be looking out my office window at snow! That day will come!

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