We’re on the ICW again; we left our friends’ dock in Beaufort, SC a week ago Sunday. 


Since we are now technically “south,” we can choose to do long days, like our first day out (48 miles, which is about what we can do between daylight and sundown at 5 mph).  Or not.

Monday morning was foggy, so we got to sleep in.  Here was the view from our anchorage.


We could hear fog horns on the Savannah River and chatter on the radio:  from a boat lost in the fog and from more boats waiting it out very impatiently.

We finally crossed the Savannah River to Georgia just after noon and tied at the Hinckley yard in Thunderbolt for the night.  My brother Mike made the short drive from Savannah to pick me up for dinner.  Coincidently, he and my brother Al were both at their annual conference there this week.  We had a fabulous dinner – thanks Al and Mike – great food and fun times.  The things you remember when you drink with your siblings!!!  Really fun!

BTW, in the parking lot next to where we were tied at the Hinckley yard was this sign marking an obviously very special parking space – NOT kidding:


We left Thunderbolt at first light.  [Goldwin’s definition of first light – not mine.]


We put in a very uneventful day on the water – no wind, no sailing, one grumpy bridge tender, and only three other boats (and they all passed us).  One of the boats that passed us is from Kalamazoo, MI.  lol

Seriously, we are happy, happy to be back on the water.  Relaxing, beautiful, and very special.  We just miss “all, y’all.”

A brief thank you to our friends in Beaufort – they were so fabulous.  They not only took care of Motu Iti for a month while we were cavorting around South America, including during Hurricane Sandy, but they also let us stay on the boat at their dock for almost two weeks while they fed us, entertained us, let us take unthinkably long hot showers, loaned us their car, let us use their washer and dryer, flew us to our flight before our trip to SA and picked us up at the rental car place on our way back, let us use their phone and internet, provided water and electricity for the boat, and PUT A HEATER ON IN OUR BOAT THE NIGHT WE ARRIVED BACK so it was all toasty warm for us.  And are wonderful, interesting and fun friends on top of all that.  Many thanks.

One thought on “And We’re Off … Again

  1. Well, having a Spot is certainly less destructive than having a hurricane! Loved the sunrise picture. Goldie and Dan have the same ‘first light’ sense; i’m all about the sun up high enough to see and feel warmer. :^)

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